V I V I A N   G E O R G E


Hi, I’m Vivian. I'm wrapping up my final year of Masters in Service Design at the Royal College of Art, London. Service Design is the choreography of touchpoints and interactions that define an "experience", whether it is user, customer, employee or stakeholder experience. I completed my undergraduate education at The London School of Economics with a major in Geography and Economics, which provides an integrated, "big picture" approach to understanding the intersection of human, economic and spatial logics. My background also provides me with an analytical and data-driven perspective to design process.


I consider myself to be a problem solver. Service Design is about mastering the art of understanding people, organizations, systems and the world around you, to craft unique solutions to problems. My approach to design is explorative, collaborative, and provocative. I personally believe without understanding the right problem, we can never have the right solution! I have explored design solutions to a variety of problems across sectors such as financial, healthcare, retail and info tech services.


I am looking for Service Design, Strategic Design or Design Research roles starting after my graduation in July 2019.