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V I V I A N   G E O R G E



January- July 2018 
Imperial College London 

The Entrepreneurial Journey was in collaboration with Imperial College London and Royal College of Art to work with some executive MBAs and students at Imperial. I worked with, what is now a new fintech startup that is an all-encompassing bills and subscriptions tool that helps users control and optimise renewal payments, whilst leveraging the open banking regulations that have recently taken place. 


I came late in the process, as they were talking about the beginning phases of development and getting their MVP out for production. Prior to the MVP production, I helped validate their assumptions through 8 in-depth interviews which in turn consolidated their user type, and also helped them understand more about the user, their needs and current dilemmas. I helped synthesise their insights which allowed them to rethink their business model. I also assisted with writing their message architecture, redesigned their pitch deck, made their personas, helped design aspects of the website as well as the UX/UI for the app. I also conducted usability tests to validate prototypes and workflows. 


This project as a whole taught me a lot about dealing with individuals who are strangers to service design and how you go about explaining your value. It's about showing them design is not just about the visualisations.


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