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September- December 2017 
Royal College of Art, London 

How can we design services to enable a seamless and sustainable experience, for both the organisation and the customer?


Data is the new "oil" for retailers. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being generated in the world every day. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took place in May 2018, a revolutionary data privacy law that shifts control of data back to EU citizens. Our platform, Prometheus allows for an easier transition for both retailers and individuals 


Prometheus is a data management platform that enables customers to collect their data from different retailers, control access and usage of their personal data, understand themselves better through their digital trail and use this knowledge to benefit their lives.


Current Journey 


Retailers -- Supermarket retailers have a plethora of data on individuals but many retailers struggle with getting permission to target the individuals with personalised deals and offers. They also have a problem with data augmentation between online and offline shopping.


Customers -- Individuals know that retailers have an abundance of personal information but lack the knowledge of what and how their personal details are being used and how they can control the flow of their personal information. They also are continuously bombarded by email and coupon offers and advertisements which are not relevant to the items that they purchase. Most customers in the UK have loyalty cards but don't seem to understand the need for them but carry on using them.

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We wanted to create a world where we give the power of data back to the users, not only the retailers. Give users the control on what they receive and help them understand themselves better and hopefully make more informed decisions that benefit the people.


Prometheus is a data management platform that helps you collect your data from different sources, control how it is used by the retailers and most importantly use it to better understand yourself. It takes away the email and coupon noise from your life and helps the retailers give you better tailored offers. We will always tell you how are we using your data and at any point in time you can check which retailers have access to your data. Finally, we hope that by giving people access to their data from different sources we will create a movement of self discovery through data.

Future Journey

Retailers-- Prometheus allows for an easier transition to comply with the GDPR framework, whilst allowing them to get access to a more detailed picture of the individual from the other supermarkets they visit so that they can provide better individualised and relevant offers for their customers.



Customers-- The platform takes away the email and coupon noise and provides customers with tailored offers. Customers can control the access and usage of their personal data they give to retailers. We want to create a movement of self-discovery by making them aware of their digital trail so they can use it for their own benefit.



The app is the main interaction where you can authorise different retailers quick access to insights and check out in store. It improves the overall in-store experience, manage authorisation and will create a data portrait and nutrition reflection of the food you consume.


The website is the main interaction channel used to enable users to play with their data, uncover these hidden connections and get inspired by how others are using their data in a continuous journey of self- discovery.

A few examples of data presentation would be Netflix Moods, whereby you categorise the food types based on the genre of movies/TV you watch . Donating Your Data really emphasises this idea of control and giving you the authority to decide what kinds of research you would like to be part of.  We live in a society where data plays a massive role in our daily life so Prometheus really begins to kindle interest and awareness from the public to learn more about their data to potentially transform the way they live their life such as healthy eating or financial savings etc. 


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Prometheus has potential to expand in all forms of retailers moving from supermarkets to bars and restaurants to even the fashion industry. A platform that provides complete transparency and control for the customers.


The platform itself has potential to move towards helping retailers use the data from the platform to create relevant individualised offers to boost their revenues. Prometheus can also have a presence in-store, possibly through gamification of offers in-store to transform the experience customers have. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed this.

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